George Barrett

Head of Global Accounting

Blackwaters has been my ‘go to’ recruitment partner

Blackwaters has been my ‘go to’ recruitment partner for senior and specialist finance hires for a decade and in a number of roles. When I joined IFS, I brought them in to recruit some key roles within my team, they did a great job. Subsequently, my colleagues and I have worked with them to hire dozens of finance roles. Identifying high-calibre candidates has been a critical part of IFS’s growth plan and Blackwaters a critical part of executing on that plan.
What I appreciate most about working with Blackwaters is (i) that they really understand the requirements of the roles I have asked then to support (often very technical); and (ii) that they have taken the time and energy to know me as and individual and the culture here at IFS. Because of this they consistently pitch people with the right skills and personality to fit the role, IFS and me. I am very lucky to have a great team; they say that you create your own luck; I say it’s best if you stack the deck with some Blackwater cards!